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  • Facebook plans to lay almost 500 miles of fiber cable in Africa for better wirel...
    In an effort to get more people living in Africa online, Facebook has decided to lay about 500 miles of fiber cable in Uganda. The plan is to get these cables laid out by the end of the year, which would give over 3 million people internet access! However, they're not doing this alone. Facebook has paired up with Airtel and BCS, and all three organizations are prepared to put in the necessary work and supply the resources for this vast project. At the end of 2015, only 226 million smartphones were connected to the internet in Africa. With the population escalating over 1.2 billion people, this is a small number. However, the number of people connected to the internet is expected to triple by the end of 2020.
  • Why Machine Learning Is a Game-Changer for Social Media Managers
    Our advanced, technological world today has increased the volume of conversations between customers and the brand, as well as decreased the amount of time brands have to handle the surge of requests and questions from their audiences. Millennials expect to be able to engage with brands, 24/7, via Facebook. While this reality has made it necessary for more authentic engagement, the importance of machine learning/artificial intelligence is as crucial as ever for social media managers so that they can keep up with the increased number of conversations.
  • 4 Secrets to Social Video Success
    In today's fast-paced, need-for-speed market, brands have increasingly reported that they are seeing more brand engagement and new customers due to the power of social video marketing. Content marketers have said that videos they publish across their platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – have a direct impact on business success. It has also been discovered that there is a downside when a brand does not produce any video content for their audience. However, while posting videos has shown to be positively effective, the real challenge is creating video content that is engaging and will persuade an audience. This article focuses on the four important factors that any content marketer should consider when creating videos for brand success.
  • Facebook’s Head of Advertising Says Purpose-Driven Marketing Won’t Slow Down
    Referencing this years reel of Super Bowl ads, David Fischer, Facebook's vice president of advertising, spoke at the Adobe Summit about how we're starting to see a transition from brands into a more purpose-driven marketing space. For example, well known brands such as Budweiser and 84 Lumber used their popular influence to create ads that voiced their support for causes they felt passionate about, which, in both cases, resulted in spots that highlighted immigration. Also mentioning that "iconic storytelling is not going to go away," Fischer emphasized the importance of the need for brands to "adapt to the times we're living in."
  • How to Use Facebook Messenger Day for Marketing
    Do you want to continue creating video content to engage your followers but in a new way? Lucky for you, Facebook just released a new function called Messenger Day that allows users to post photos and videos in Facebook messenger that will disappear after 24 hours. With the option for users to interact with your content that is posted on Messenger Day, you have the ability to reach more of your target and increase meaningful relationships. Follow the link to learn more about what this update has to offer and how it can benefit your brand!
  • How theSkimm Is Informing Millennial Women About Politics Without Taking Sides
    This popular daily newsletter is taking a revolutionary step by refusing to take sides when it comes to informing their readers about politics. In our country's climate today, theSkimm aims to stay true to their message and values, which is to help their audience stay informed and educated about what's currently going on around the world–and they're doing all of this without representing a point of view. Their target audience consists of young millennial women, and after investments from 21st Century Fox and The New York Times, they have a following of 5 million in totality. Read on to learn how theSkimm is turning media on its head while empowering the young millennial woman to make her own choice.
  • SoundCloud revamps its subscription service with cheaper $4.99 option
    Taking on the big leagues in the music streaming space, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, the popular Berlin-based company SoundCloud is making it's next strategic move: a cheaper subscription service at $4.99/month. Now offering SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ (the original subscription rate of $9.99, which is still available), the streaming platform is giving their customers two ad-free access options. This approach is a smart move: in terms of pricing, it's more affordable than Apple Music and Spotify, and it encourages their audience to opt for a subscription package – something they had trouble accomplishing last year with their 175 million users. After rejecting Spotify's proposal to buy the company, hiring a new CTO, and now an update to their subscription options, we're excited to see what the future holds for SoundCloud.
  • 4 Great Customer Service Strategies Backed by Data
    Brand success and loyalty stems from a very obvious root: your customers. The importance of respecting and listening to your audience cannot be emphasized enough. There is a great amount of pay off that comes with happy and satisfied customers, which includes more referrals from your current audience (helping you increase your fan base), as well as an increase in sales and services. This article is soon to be your go-to guide of practices for excellent customer service and soon enough, you'll see your business soar.
  • Building a Successful Social Media Team
    When it comes to building a team for social media needs, a lot of companies source in-house employees to manage content and platforms, rather than hiring new and specialized individuals. The problem that this creates is that social media management is time-consuming, and piling that responsibility on their already established marketing team may lead to ineffective execution. These different social platforms need content roll-out, community management, and social media strategy implemented on a day-to-day basis. Read more to understand the importance of sourcing external candidates to meet your company's social media needs and what to expect from them.
  • These Climbers Are Documenting Their Second Attempt at Conquering Everest on Sna...
    Mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards aren't just planning to do the impossible, but they plan on Snapchatting their entire journey – and this isn't the epic duo's first attempt. Last year, these two climbers documented their climb up Everest on Snapchat under the domain #EverestNoFilter, which accumulated thousands of views from people all over. They're not only climbing this beast again, but they're doing it without the use of supplemental oxygen, which they attempted to do the year before. Adrian was close to the summit, but had to turn around after his body went numb. Cory made it to the peak, but as the universe would have it, when he went to pull out his phone at the top, he saw it had run out of battery. Now, this month, these incredible climbers will Snapchat their entire experience once again, only this time they're both making it to the top (and carrying an external phone battery).
  • Why Your Brand Needs Multiple CPA Targets
    Segmentation is a crucial aspect of digital advertising. It allows us to see which ad placements and audiences are performing best. Segmentation keeps us from blindly spending money on audiences that don't meet our target audience psychographic and demographic. However, what marketers need to soon realize is that "not all customers are created equal." We can't assume that all of our customers are worth the same when we set a digital cost-per-action (CPA) goal. The transition that needs to be made by marketers is from "personalization of content to personalization of media strategies and media goals."
  • How to Write a Successful Social Media Proposal: Free Template Included
    Having a proposal ready is crucial for freelancers and agencies who are offering social media services for a client. This article provides not only a breakdown of all of the essential components of a social media proposal, but also tips from professionals who write proposals on a daily basis as part of their integrated workflow. If you're looking to do get involved in social media for a client or your agency is planning to implement social media to their provided services, these helpful and in-depth tips are just what you need to get started!
  • Snapchat Is Growing Thanks to Older Americans, While Millennial Usage Declines
    By the end of 2017, Snapchat is predicted to increase by 14.2%, accumulating a total audience of 70.4 million. However, as an interesting turn of events, U.S. adults between the ages of 45 and 54 are predicted to be the fastest growing user base. What was once a millennial-dominated platform has now been attracting a much older audience. If we rewind back to the summer of 2016, when Instagram Stories launched, this trend makes more sense. As one of Snapchat's top competitors now, Instagram Stories has been sky-rocketing in terms of monthly users. Looking at the desires of the different age demographics, the older age group is gravitating more towards Snapchat for content and millennials are decreasing their usage on Snapchat and turning towards Instagram Stories to "fulfill their broadcasting needs."
  • 7 Tips to Launch Successful Twitter Promotions
    Despite Twitter's recent transition to a more algorithm-based feed, utilizing the platform to promote products, events, or blog posts is still a great option for your brand. The real challenge, when it comes to Twitter promotion, is how to reach your target audience in the sea of 300 million monthly active users. You also want to remain true to your brand's message and create genuine content that is going to keep your audience loyal. Be sure to read this article because these tips will be immensely helpful for optimizing brand success when you decide to launch your next Twitter promotion.
  • Redirecting Focus: Helping Virtual Teams Stay on Track
    Working in social is fun, especially when you're obsessed with social media for your everyday life. What could be better than posting pictures on Instagram or tweeting for a brand as your job?! However, the hurdle we all have to face is the temptation of social media distraction. The key is to remember that in the office, you're no longer the consumer – you're the social media marketer, community manager or team leader. Don't worry, this Social Pro Daily article from AdWeek gives you all the tools you need to help stay on track at work.