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  • How Niche, the Twitter-Owned Influencer Network, Helps Its Creators Flourish
    Niche has embraced a multi-platform approach that's putting it ahead of other influencer networks. If you don't know what Niche is, it's a community of content creators and influencers. After being acquired by Twitter in 2015, their presence grew from 6,000 creators to over 45,000. Niche basically acts as the middleman between influencers and brands who want to partner with them for more authentic content for their fans to connect to.
  • Why Marketers Shouldn’t Believe Instagram, Snapchat Are Equal for Influencers
    Snapchat's biggest fear is becoming a reality: influencers have gravitated more towards Instagram Stories. Snapchat's number of daily users and viewers has been dramatically decreasing since this past November, and is continuing to do so. Understanding this shift in favoritism is important for marketers to be aware of so that they know which platform to utilize for their brand's social. With the increase in Instagram Stories users it's imperative for marketers to consider a switch from Snapchat to Instagram, especially when it comes to generating influencer content.
  • The 10 Most Important Social Media Metrics to Monitor
    When it comes to digital marketing, data is everything. It's the back-bone of your social strategy plan, and it can open your eyes to what's working and what's not. Especially when it comes to social media, every marketer needs to be able to know and understand their value – and that can't happen without the use of data monitoring. This article provides 10 of the most important metrics to monitor on social media in order to determine your return on investment. It can seem daunting, but Valerie Hamilton from Klipfolio provides an amazing (and realistic) breakdown of the top metrics and why they are so important to the success of your business. There's no time to waste, go check it out!
  • Hoping to One-Up the Competition, Marriott Adds Unique Travel Experiences to Its...
    In a bold and strategic attempt to stay ahead in the competitive space of travel and loyalty programs, Marriott has solidified a partnership that will ensure they stay on top. Marriott has decided to invest in PlacePass, which is a site that allows users to compare prices for travel experiences all over the globe. For Marriott loyalty program members, they can now book a tour of the Downton Abbey castle or a camel ride in the desert outside of Dubai (including over 100,000 other experiences) with their hotel stay. Marriott has tapped into the insight found among hotel reward program members about their desire for memorable experiences when they travel. In other words, they are getting rid of the old model, which was earning points to redeem and get free hotel stays. Instead, Marriott is catering to more personalized experiences by allowing their members to earn and redeem their points on hotel stays OR one of the amazing local experiences provided by PlacePass. Marriott is definitely about to change the game.
  • 3 Steps to a Successful Product Launch
    In this Social Pro Daily article from Adweek, Fam Mirza of Azaan Shoes gives the play-by-play of how to successfully launch a new product in just three easy steps! The first step, he says, is to create a great product and give your audience something they're actually going to want. The second step is to "get socializing." Any social media and community manager knows how important this is, especially when it comes to millennials. The third step is to make sure you're not low-cutting the creative. The website and visuals need to be high-resolution and there needs to be a concept to connect all of the videos and images together in a meaningful way for consumers. Read more to learn how you can ensure your next product launch is nothing short of successful.
  • 3 Timesaving Tools for Social Media Marketers
    Being a social media marketer can be an extremely time consuming job, but we love to do it because we enjoy the interaction and engagement we have with our fans. However, there do come times when we wish we had time to spare, so that we could meaningfully engage with our audience by answering their questions, responding to their comments, or featuring UGC on the brand's page. A lot of our time is consumed with repetitive social media activities, so our personal engagement with our fans gets put on the back-burner. If you're finding yourself in this situation, stop what you're doing (if you have the time to) and read this article. It covers three different timesaving tools for social media marketers, so you can be more efficient and engaging with your loyal fanbase.
  • How to Use Video on LinkedIn
    It would be silly not to have LinkedIn, the top professional networking site, as part of your brand's social strategy, right? This is especially true if you're using it to generate more business for your company. If you're utilizing LinkedIn as a platform, it's important to engage with all that it has to offer. Video content is just as important to implement on LinkedIn than on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – don't let this tool go unnoticed. Video can actually enhance your presence on LinkedIn, which is just what this article aims to prove with several tips and tricks for success. First going over why you should be using video on LinkedIn in the first place, followed by a few effective ways to utilize the tool, this article emphasizes the vast benefits your brand or company can capitalize on.
  • Gobi raises $500K to take on Snapchat
    This Norwegian startup has its eyes set on Snapchat as they attempt to raise enough money and officially launch their own "Stories" communication platform. Gobi has the same idea as Snapchat, but with a twist. The startup's CEO said that their idea actually came to them after starting a Snapchat group for their college. It was open to anyone and everyone who was a student, but the group was shut down by Snapchat after the group accumulated almost 4,000 members. However, it was that sense of community and interactivity that inspired the idea of Gobi. Their platform allows users to create groups that can be set to public or private. You can share photos and videos before vanishing after 72 hours. The reason behind the extended photo/video lifespan is due to the fact that the founders realized their app was being used as a way to ask for quick opinions, such as when you're buying a new pair of shoes or trying on an outfit for a date. The company has been able to accumulate several investors, which will hopefully help them takeoff, full-force, into the communication platform space.
  • Facebook plans to lay almost 500 miles of fiber cable in Africa for better wirel...
    In an effort to get more people living in Africa online, Facebook has decided to lay about 500 miles of fiber cable in Uganda. The plan is to get these cables laid out by the end of the year, which would give over 3 million people internet access! However, they're not doing this alone. Facebook has paired up with Airtel and BCS, and all three organizations are prepared to put in the necessary work and supply the resources for this vast project. At the end of 2015, only 226 million smartphones were connected to the internet in Africa. With the population escalating over 1.2 billion people, this is a small number. However, the number of people connected to the internet is expected to triple by the end of 2020.
  • Why Machine Learning Is a Game-Changer for Social Media Managers
    Our advanced, technological world today has increased the volume of conversations between customers and the brand, as well as decreased the amount of time brands have to handle the surge of requests and questions from their audiences. Millennials expect to be able to engage with brands, 24/7, via Facebook. While this reality has made it necessary for more authentic engagement, the importance of machine learning/artificial intelligence is as crucial as ever for social media managers so that they can keep up with the increased number of conversations.
  • 4 Secrets to Social Video Success
    In today's fast-paced, need-for-speed market, brands have increasingly reported that they are seeing more brand engagement and new customers due to the power of social video marketing. Content marketers have said that videos they publish across their platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – have a direct impact on business success. It has also been discovered that there is a downside when a brand does not produce any video content for their audience. However, while posting videos has shown to be positively effective, the real challenge is creating video content that is engaging and will persuade an audience. This article focuses on the four important factors that any content marketer should consider when creating videos for brand success.
  • Facebook’s Head of Advertising Says Purpose-Driven Marketing Won’t Slow Down
    Referencing this years reel of Super Bowl ads, David Fischer, Facebook's vice president of advertising, spoke at the Adobe Summit about how we're starting to see a transition from brands into a more purpose-driven marketing space. For example, well known brands such as Budweiser and 84 Lumber used their popular influence to create ads that voiced their support for causes they felt passionate about, which, in both cases, resulted in spots that highlighted immigration. Also mentioning that "iconic storytelling is not going to go away," Fischer emphasized the importance of the need for brands to "adapt to the times we're living in."
  • How to Use Facebook Messenger Day for Marketing
    Do you want to continue creating video content to engage your followers but in a new way? Lucky for you, Facebook just released a new function called Messenger Day that allows users to post photos and videos in Facebook messenger that will disappear after 24 hours. With the option for users to interact with your content that is posted on Messenger Day, you have the ability to reach more of your target and increase meaningful relationships. Follow the link to learn more about what this update has to offer and how it can benefit your brand!