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  • How to Use Video on LinkedIn
    It would be silly not to have LinkedIn, the top professional networking site, as part of your brand's social strategy, right? This is especially true if you're using it to generate more business for your company. If you're utilizing LinkedIn as a platform, it's important to engage with all that it has to offer. Video content is just as important to implement on LinkedIn than on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – don't let this tool go unnoticed. Video can actually enhance your presence on LinkedIn, which is just what this article aims to prove with several tips and tricks for success. First going over why you should be using video on LinkedIn in the first place, followed by a few effective ways to utilize the tool, this article emphasizes the vast benefits your brand or company can capitalize on.
  • 4 Secrets to Social Video Success
    In today's fast-paced, need-for-speed market, brands have increasingly reported that they are seeing more brand engagement and new customers due to the power of social video marketing. Content marketers have said that videos they publish across their platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – have a direct impact on business success. It has also been discovered that there is a downside when a brand does not produce any video content for their audience. However, while posting videos has shown to be positively effective, the real challenge is creating video content that is engaging and will persuade an audience. This article focuses on the four important factors that any content marketer should consider when creating videos for brand success.
  • Facebook’s Head of Advertising Says Purpose-Driven Marketing Won’t Slow Down
    Referencing this years reel of Super Bowl ads, David Fischer, Facebook's vice president of advertising, spoke at the Adobe Summit about how we're starting to see a transition from brands into a more purpose-driven marketing space. For example, well known brands such as Budweiser and 84 Lumber used their popular influence to create ads that voiced their support for causes they felt passionate about, which, in both cases, resulted in spots that highlighted immigration. Also mentioning that "iconic storytelling is not going to go away," Fischer emphasized the importance of the need for brands to "adapt to the times we're living in."
  • How theSkimm Is Informing Millennial Women About Politics Without Taking Sides
    This popular daily newsletter is taking a revolutionary step by refusing to take sides when it comes to informing their readers about politics. In our country's climate today, theSkimm aims to stay true to their message and values, which is to help their audience stay informed and educated about what's currently going on around the world–and they're doing all of this without representing a point of view. Their target audience consists of young millennial women, and after investments from 21st Century Fox and The New York Times, they have a following of 5 million in totality. Read on to learn how theSkimm is turning media on its head while empowering the young millennial woman to make her own choice.
  • 4 Great Customer Service Strategies Backed by Data
    Brand success and loyalty stems from a very obvious root: your customers. The importance of respecting and listening to your audience cannot be emphasized enough. There is a great amount of pay off that comes with happy and satisfied customers, which includes more referrals from your current audience (helping you increase your fan base), as well as an increase in sales and services. This article is soon to be your go-to guide of practices for excellent customer service and soon enough, you'll see your business soar.
  • Building a Successful Social Media Team
    When it comes to building a team for social media needs, a lot of companies source in-house employees to manage content and platforms, rather than hiring new and specialized individuals. The problem that this creates is that social media management is time-consuming, and piling that responsibility on their already established marketing team may lead to ineffective execution. These different social platforms need content roll-out, community management, and social media strategy implemented on a day-to-day basis. Read more to understand the importance of sourcing external candidates to meet your company's social media needs and what to expect from them.
  • Why Your Brand Needs Multiple CPA Targets
    Segmentation is a crucial aspect of digital advertising. It allows us to see which ad placements and audiences are performing best. Segmentation keeps us from blindly spending money on audiences that don't meet our target audience psychographic and demographic. However, what marketers need to soon realize is that "not all customers are created equal." We can't assume that all of our customers are worth the same when we set a digital cost-per-action (CPA) goal. The transition that needs to be made by marketers is from "personalization of content to personalization of media strategies and media goals."
  • Redirecting Focus: Helping Virtual Teams Stay on Track
    Working in social is fun, especially when you're obsessed with social media for your everyday life. What could be better than posting pictures on Instagram or tweeting for a brand as your job?! However, the hurdle we all have to face is the temptation of social media distraction. The key is to remember that in the office, you're no longer the consumer – you're the social media marketer, community manager or team leader. Don't worry, this Social Pro Daily article from AdWeek gives you all the tools you need to help stay on track at work.
  • How to Slam Dunk Social Media Into Marketing Events
    If you're in the event marketing biz, pay close attention. About 45% of event marketers reported that they do not use social media during the actual event themselves, while a majority of marketers do utilize the power of social media before and even after events. Additionally, 85% of consumers say they feel more meaningful connections towards user-generated content. So, why aren't marketers documenting the event in real-time to their audiences? Check out this article from AdWeek to find out why this is a trend we're seeing and tips on how brands can capitalize on the benefits of event marketing.
  • This Fragrance Company Teamed With Social Influencers for This Widely Successful...
    Social media is all about making connections, and with today's market, people are making more meaningful connections with branded campaigns when there's a real face they can relate to. For their new Flowerbomb fragrance, Viktor & Rolf decided to skip the celebrity endorsement and, instead, conducted extensive research to find social influencers who embodied their brand and could help with the design and production of their campaign. These included artists, designers, and other influencers with heavy fan-bases. The campaign was showcased across the different influencers' social media channels and wound up being immensely successful.