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    Do you preform reports for your community on a regular basis? If so, then here are some of the most important metrics that can really benefit a community manager. By tracking your community's performance, you can adequately cater your management techniques and learn how to grow, maintain and organize your community successfully.
    • Isabel Kieszkowski Interactive Associate at Room 214 Hi [171650,Eugene Sutula], here is a great reference for various engagement calculations on social channels that I hope will help you: This formula is discussed in the article: engagement volume over base volume, which can luckily be used for many social channels! For instance, Facebook engagement would be calculated by dividing the average amount of lifetime total page likes by the average amount of "weekly people talking about this." This equation will result in a percentage, and based on the industry average you can gauge whether engagement in your community is high or low.
      Hope this helps!
    • Eugene Sutula co-founder at If there a metric that can be used to understand how active community is (something like user engagement)?
  • What is the largest number of members on a Social Engine site?
    Hi there. I am getting ready to launch my first Social Engine site. I am curious who has the biggest site and how many users they have. The only reason I ask is I want to know if there are issues at a certain point.

    Thanks for any input.
    • Brandon Mahlios President at NetworkMarketing.Pro Thanks everyone! I am getting ready to launch in June so I will let you know how it goes! If no one has broken it yet, I may as well be the one to try... My niche has over 10 million people in the US alone, Im shooting for ten percent : )
    • James@pulsate [171650,Eugene Sutula] yes it was definitely on SE PHP before like you say, at least a year ago. I remember creating an account to see how it was setup. I wonder what prompted their migration.

      [171433,Alex] Couple of things you can try for reporting...
      You can of course get a general idea of activity on your site from your analytics. Especially if you use piwik
      For the other things like events created and so I think you could have a developer whip that up for you fairly quick as some of the data already lives in the SEAO plugins. you could even whip up something in reportico, but probably not as intuitive.

      You may also find some widgets in the various plugins can be configured to display what you want. In that case, build a new SE page, make it visible to admin only, drop in and configure the widgets as you see fit.
      I have a page like this on my SE install that has the basic SE stats widget, recent signups, member map widget, whos online and a few others to see whats going on.

      The "top Onliners" plugin might give some other insights too. I have no used it.
    • Alex Owner at My customers ask me how many members of my network are really active in a month. That's a good questions... and I,m not able to answer !!! :(
      What query should we do on our DB to show : Members that loggued in in the last X days ? How many people registered to events in the last X days ? (I'm using Avanced events for SEAO)
      How many events where created in the last X days ?
      How many people created a new profile in the last x days ? How many people deleted their profile in the last x days ?
      I know that every network as different stats to analyse but would be great to ahve a dashbord to follow your network...
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  • What's Your Favorite Online Scheduling Tool to Use for Your Communities?
    There are many platforms out do you chose which to use?
    • Isabel Kieszkowski Interactive Associate at Room 214 I am a fan of Sprout Social! It is simple to connect with a brand's Twitter or Google+ accounts, for example. Scheduling is very easy with its publishing tabs and composing form.
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    What tactics do you use to encourage your community to engage in conversations with you?
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