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What's Speed Dating And Where Did It Come From? (
Speed dating is definitely the runaway hit of the dating scene these days. Over just the past couple of weeks that I have been watching, I've seen articles on speed dating in India, England(big hit there), Australia, New Mexico, at basketball games (not too successful), and for Rock 'n Roll fans in Boston. A Google search on "speed dating" brings up 114,000 listings. The UK and Australia seem particularly well-represented. Speed dating was "invented" in 1999 by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo in southern California as a way "to directly facilitate Jewish continuity by helping Jews meet Jews." As we know, online dating took a huge jump up in activity after 9/11, when suddenly, being public about looking for love was okay. Old fashioned dating services and matchmakers suddenly became in vogue again too, and the market was ripe for the Next New Idea. Enter speed dating. Speed dating quickly moved out of Jewish circles, into the mainstream, and around the world. Entrepreneurs moved into the lucrative singles market with