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  • High-Tech Treatments Revolutionises Dental Care - says Thayer Dental Care
    High-tech treatments hold promise for tooth regeneration in dentistry which repairs cavities without fillings and even can regrow the entire teeth. This is really revolutionizing the Dental Industry with more patients opting such treatments for better and effective dental care.

    Some new upcoming treatments in Dental Care are:-

    Usually, when dentists spot cavities, they drill out the decayed material and fill the hole with amalgam. But amalgam can fail or even fall out in due course. That can bring more discomfort and a trip back to the dentist cause inconvenience and is expensive.
    It is possible to overcome the above-mentioned problems by using stem cells very effectively. The research shows the drugs can coax stem cells within the dental pulp — the soft material deep within teeth that is filled with nerves and blood vessels — into regrowing enough bony tissue (dentin) to fill the cavity.

    When decay reaches the pulp, dentists perform a root canal treatment. This involves removing the bulk of the tooth and then filling what is left with amalgam. The tooth is then sealed with an artificial cap, but this can fail over time as a result of the stresses of chewing.
    By using low-power laser light to stimulate tooth regeneration is an effective treatment to avoid such situations. Applying Laser light directly on the remaining pulp can stimulate stem cells in the pulp to produce new dentin. Our bodies have the ability to heal our tissues through their own stem cells. Laser treatment can bring in quality change and can have dramatic effects on dental treatments and dentistry.