10 Tips for Organizing Your Community Product Feedback Cycle (cmxhub.com)
A common question we come across is: "How do I build a community?" But one that we think is equally important to consider is how to keep one's community organized. Alex Duo speaks about her best tactics to maintaining Vimeo's community and keeping it active, growing and organized.
  • Ronald Muwonge Founder at Dipipo Last week I got a question from my community and it goes "Why is this community quite?"
    He challenged me and that inspired me to think of another service to distract them
  • James CEO at SocialEngine I like #6: Look to other managers for support. That's what we're trying to do here with this community. Support should not always be advice. I often think of support as experience telling. If someone has dealt with a similar situation and can pass on their experience, it's extremely valuable.