Amazon Web Services, Inc.
I use Socialengine PHP since one year for the Hosting i use a normal Physical server by a Hosting company .
for one week i read about AWS from Amazon and the Possibility to use a Cloud .
We will Start nächst month a big publicity campaign , and i will be angry if i get many Visitors in a short time that my server will going down .
has someone Information about Amazon AWS. ?
  • James@pulsate Be forwarned that when moving to "the cloud" from a dedicated server, at the same price point you will be trading scalability for outright speed. Sometimes as much as 40%

    I'd recommend you do performance testing and optimization on your SE installation before anything else. Especially moving to "the cloud".
  • Musharraf Jamil CEO at Stars Developer Yes, i can help you to move your site from current server to AWS. Please check your PM
  • Wasalamcom wasalamcom at wasalamcom LTD has someone experience how i can chage from Physical server to aws ?
  • Jarbas Faßbinder Owner at ( We use in one of our projects the Jelastic (
    It is practical, fast, easy and economical.
  • Musharraf Jamil CEO at Stars Developer According to my experience, AWS is the best hosting solution for SE PHP. Economic, reliable and flexible to upgrade or downgrade with few clicks via Management Console. New clients can get Free hosting for one year, standard cost is $40 to $80 for two server instances, (one for SE script and one for Database). I always recommend my clients to use AWS.