Watch Mads Holger - Til Farvel ( 2018 ) Official Trailer at BioGuiden (
Check out the trailer of the documentary Mads Holger - Til farvel ( 2018 ) in full HD quality only at Bioguiden. Mads Holger left the world just over two years ago and now his sister, Pippi Olivia Norgaard Forest, has made a film about him. The movie is directed by Pippi Olivia Norgaard Forest with Ditte Giese , Anne Sophia Hermansen, Mads Holger and soon going to released in October, 2018. In this film, Pippi Olivia Norgaard Skov has created an intimate and personal portrait of his great brother Mads Holger, who took his own life in the summer of 2016 at the age of 38 years. Watch trailer here.