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Week 5: Proposals and Short Reports

A proposal is different from other short reports (incident, lab, field, or trip reports). In a proposal, you need to define a problem and describe a solution. "Almost all projects begin with a proposal" (Johnson-Sheehan, 2015, p. 199). Proposals are a way of asking permission to continue forward and require authors to be compelling in their causes. Reports, are written after events and express gains or losses. Imagine you proposed and received funding to attend a conference, but it was dull and unproductive. Although your learned a few new ideas, it was mostly a waste of time and money. How would you report your perspective to your supervisor? What details would you provide? What tone would you use?

Enter the discussion 3 times on 3 separate days with the first post occurring prior to Wednesday midnight (and preferably earlier). At least one contribution is to be a 1-2 minute narrated slide presentation. Other posts may be written or oral.