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  • Amazon Web Services, Inc.
    I use Socialengine PHP since one year for the Hosting i use a normal Physical server by a Hosting company .
    for one week i read about AWS from Amazon and the Possibility to use a Cloud .
    We will Start nächst month a big publicity campaign , and i will be angry if i get many Visitors in a short time that my server will going down .
    has someone Information about Amazon AWS. ?
    • James@pulsate Be forwarned that when moving to "the cloud" from a dedicated server, at the same price point you will be trading scalability for outright speed. Sometimes as much as 40%

      I'd recommend you do performance testing and optimization on your SE installation before anything else. Especially moving to "the cloud".
    • Musharraf Jamil CEO at Stars Developer Yes, i can help you to move your site from current server to AWS. Please check your PM
    • Wasalamcom wasalamcom at wasalamcom LTD has someone experience how i can chage from Physical server to aws ?
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