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  • Voted Best Dentist in Jonesboro, AR.
    Higginbotham Family Dental is, once again, voted as the “best dental care provider” in Jonesboro. Our continued success is solely based on our hard work and the emphasis we place on the importance of advanced dental care to our clients. Our highly trained team is always ready to help and tend to your dental needs.

    Let’s have peek into the system to better understand the success built around the dental care offered by Higginbotham Family Dental Clinics.

    Customer Care

    We have built a positive culture to never say no to our customers. If it is physically possible, we will do it. This is the positive attitude that has enabled HFD to attract a highly-trained team and grow into a network of dentists that help many of your friends and neighbors smile. Furthermore, we do not merely rest on our reputation. Our goal is to have everyone experience HFD, and we know this is one of the primary reasons why more than 80% of our new patients come from referrals. Excellent dental clinical care is the heart of Higginbotham Family Dental. Exceptional customer care is our soul.

    Advanced Technology

    At HFD, we are proud to support our team with advanced training, up-to-date materials and modern equipment. From oral cancer screening to conscious sedation and digital x-rays, HFD invests in the latest, proven technology. This commitment helps us take care of your smile while making each visit more comfortable and efficient. It is just part of what makes your experience at Higginbotham Family Dental great.

    Emergency Care

    As with many things in life, toothaches and cracked teeth often happen when least expected. Fortunately, most of our conveniently located dental offices are open Monday through Saturday. More importantly, our highly-trained dentists & staff make it possible for us to almost always see you the same day you call. While we hope you will never need this service, download our app today and keep our number handy… just in case an accident does happen.

    All in One Clinic

    Every requirement from emergency dental care to advanced cosmetic dentistry is addressed in our dental clinics. Our continued training process and adoption of advanced technology make us stand out among our competitors. We are at our best for the following services; SEDATION DENTISTRY, PRECISION DENTURES, BRACES, DENTAL IMPLANTS, COSMETIC DENTISTRY, CLEANINGS & CHECKUPS and FAMILY DENTISTRY.

    Dental Insurance Plans
    At HFD, we are proud to accept virtually every dental insurance plan. If you are fortunate to be among the 50% of the population who does have dental insurance, we want to help you put it to good use. If you are in the other half, we have great options for you as well. In fact, we have a dedicated team of highly-trained experts on-hand to help you understand your benefits and to answer all your questions – even before you become our patient.

    Multiple Locations

    We have spread out our wings amongst many locations to better serve our customers. All our clinics are equipped to address all possible dental care needs at affordable rates for our customers. Following are our established clinic locations:

    Visit our web site to learn more information about our services and contact details or call us to schedule an appointment and discuss your dental needs. www.higginbothamfamilydental.com
  • Family Dentistry in Little Rock AR
    Higginbotham Family Dental Clinic in Little Rock, AR is providing exceptional dental dental care and services to the region. We bring our services to West Little Rock region also to meet the convenience of our patients. We have specialist in West Little Rock able to address all dental requirements and services.

    Dr. Todd Higginbotham and Dr. Matt Williams have opened their ninth dental office in Little Rock AR. Little Rock is currently accepting new patients for complete exams that include a cleaning and x-rays. Higginbotham Family Dental Clinic Little Rock AR provides veneers, tooth extractions, periodontal disease therapy, dentures, bridges, and partials.

    Our goal is to help you take care of your teeth and prevent any issues, we provide a complete array of restorative services and emergency dental care. These include tooth-colored fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures and partial dentures. In addition, our dentist in West Little Rock offers extensive treatment in dental implants. We offer Root Canal, Tooth Implant and cosmetic dentistry services such as Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers and metal-free crowns. Braces and complete smile makeovers are also provided to patients throughout Arkansas.

    More importantly, our highly-trained Dentist in Little Rock makes it possible for us to almost always see you the same day you call. Our office at Little Rock AR is open on Saturdays for consultations and procedures. Contact our office for further inquiries.
  • Dentist Little Rock AR - HigginBotham
    Higginbotham family dental, Dental Clinic in Little Rock AR is providing exceptional Dental clinical services facilitating all the dental care and services to the region.
  • Dentist Little Rock AR
    Higginbotham family dental, Dental Clinic in Little Rock AR is providing exceptional Dental clinical services facilitating all the dental care and services to the region
  • Teeth whitening Little Rock Ar | Affordable Dentist Little Rock Ar
    If you’re in the Little Rock area, give us a call at 501-673-3905 and we’d love to take care of you! #experiencehfd #littlerockdentist
  • Family Dentist Little Rock AR
    We ❤️ seeing new patients at our Little Rock location! Let our family take care of yours.