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  • 20 Facts About Casual Escorts Encounter That Will Impress Your Friends
    Life is a running race, everyone is constantly running towards the finish line without even knowing that they are competing, no one wants to die, but It's inevitable, people of this century are more aware of this fact, way more than the last and have started to enjoy life more than their ancestors by choosing a path of Ahmedabad Escorts. YOLO is not just a famous tagline it's a philosophy for many people living in their generation, woke people of 21st century have decided to completely exploit every single opportunity that comes their way.

    People enter into a wedlock to have a committed relationship, they all want the security and the constant affection such a life could offer, but everything become stale at some point, jealousy, angry, irritability might cause a little rift in the relationship. Couples constantly try to add a little spice to make the relationship fresh, and only adventure can make that possible. Travel, children and everything else that couples do to have a blissful wedded life even become boring or overwhelming as time passes. Moreover, couples prefer themselves to get relaxed by choosing altogether different way of dating in Ahmedabad.

    How Dating in Ahmedabad Can Get You Your Heart's Desire?

    This frustrating low phase ends up making the couples seek affairs to attain some gratification and ends up destroying a relationship completely for a single day of fun and thrill, therefore couples these days are open about their frustrations or sexual needs/desires and try to take joint decision to find an extra escort partner to have fun with. In a culture where even talking about intimacy is such a taboo it's not easy for couples in Ahmedabad to find an escort to have an affair with. The process must be completely anonymous, yet safe and welcoming.

    One of the best ways for couples to find girls or boys in Ahmedabad to have intimate relationship with is through one of the many free escorts in Ahmedabad, you can just post an advertisement on sites like with the description of what or who you're looking for, if the relationship should be platonic or erotic, if you seeking another couple to swap with or a single lady or man to exchange passions with. You could specify your location in the advertisement to make sure you find someone nearby.

    The best part of the whole process is you will be completely anonymous until you are convinced the person who has contacted you, and you have begun chatting with, within the site, is the person you are looking for, then you can exchange numbers and set up a meeting or a date. and other free classified sites are the best places to find legitimate people to have guilty free fun with. Couples looking for dating in Ahmedabad to hook up with should not look any further, since the whole process is safe, secure and completely free. It's also completely isolated from judging eyes since people who are not looking for such services are never going to find such advertisements.
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  • Top 10 Free Classified Sites in India - 2019
    Internet is rapidly growing, people who run businesses are at each other's throats trying to outdo each other to get a tiny bit more exposure online, large businesses with adequate resources make use of Google ads, YouTube ads etc... To try and exceed their competitor's marketing strategy. Not everyone can afford to run Facebook advertisement 24*7, small businesses and start-ups can utilize the vast network of free classifieds out there, which can bring in sizable number of eyeballs without costing them a single penny. It's is important to know about the best classified portals in India to know where you can place your advertisements to get the best results. So, Let’s have a look at the Top ten free online classified websites in India will be mentioned below.

    1) Quikr
    It's an Indian classified website, has been running successfully since 2008, initially called Kijiji India, it was later changed to Quikr after a Mumbai businessman invested into the company. It's listed in 900 cities all over India and anyone can place advertisement from house to toilet sinks.

    2) Olx
    Olx is one the largest classifieds sites in the world, and definitely the biggest one in India, it started its full-fledged operations in here in 2011. Olx's headquarters is in the Netherlands but it's owned by a South African company called Naspers. As of 2013 it zoomed past Quikr to get around 60% of the market share. Olx sold around 1 billion worth of used cars in 2017.

    3) Izydaisy (Free Classified Ad Sites)
    This is a free and highly specialised classified site that has launched in over 5 countries around the world in 2016, since then it has grown in technical strength and numbers, is one of the India's largest classified online portal, it has all the necessary tools and the motivation. One of its core ideals is to make buying and selling fun, and its interactive interface complements their motto.

    4) Craigslist
    One of the pioneers in the field of free classifieds, it is started out as an email chain program in 1995, in which new deals in the city were send to the subscribers of the mail chain, it's now in around 70 countries worldwide. It is said the site gets around 20 billion views every month. Also 80 million advertisements get posted on the site every month.

    5) Sulekha
    Another big classified page in India where you can post anything from camera to bicycles.

    6) Click
    It's on the top 10 free classified sites in India, you can buy and sell anything from house to cars, bikes, cell phones.

    7) ClickIndia
    Similar to click and is also a free classifieds website, where you can easily fill up the description of your product in minutes and then whole advertisement will be completed in 10 minutes.

    8) 99Localads
    This is a free classified website based in India and you can post all your ads without any discomfort in this website.

    9) Classifiedsindia
    There are so many free classifieds out there and you'll be wasting so much time if you post free classifieds on all of them, it's important to choose the ones that get the most traffic and post the advertisements there this is one of the trusted ones.

    10) Selldude
    It's also a free classifieds website with a simple interface and easy filter options to find the product of your dreams.
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  • 19 Bangalore Escorts Myths Uncovered About Dating In Bangalore
    Bangalore is a conservative country, most people here enter a wedlock arranged by the family members, that has been the tradition here for such a long time. Youngsters these days don't really have any patience for the old ways and that is why they opt for modern way of dating in Bangalore, so they all try dating a girlfriend or a boyfriend of their liking as soon as possible before their families could interject and push their opinions into their heads.

    It's not easy socializing with the intention of finding a partner in a society so set on sticking to their culture, even young people are confused about how to actually approach someone from the opposite sex i.e. romantic advances, because it's not something we see every day or something that is ingrained into our culture unlike the west, even the Kannada movies and TVs we see don't have a very realistic portrayal of romance, one can't really book a dance crew and show off your hip hop skills in the middle of road to impress your crush like they show in the movies, so they aren't a good source to learn from either.

    Why Dating Will Change Your Life?

    Dating culture is slowly becoming popular, in the old days men predominantly had to confess their undying love to a girl and promise to marry her and convince her to love him back before he could ask the person to go out with him. If this said situation does not work than they would end up choosing a wrong path of Bangalore Escorts. Nowadays, people ask for a date where they get to know that person before falling in love, but it doesn't organically happen to everyone (within friends or neighbours), most must get out there and seek out a girl of their liking and convince her to go out with the guy.

    Why No One Talks About Escorts Anymore?

    Tinder and apps of similar sort are useful to an extent, but it's extremely superficial because it's only your airbrushed photo that matters and nothing else. People with the best photos get all the attention and most of the others miss out on the opportunity. Also, many people on tinder are not looking for any seriously relationships, they are just looking to have fun and Escorts. In Bangalore you can't just walk up to a woman in a bar or a restaurant and ask her out on a date, 7/10 ten girls are going to try to run away from the spot immediately thinking that they are under some threat, because that is not the norm here.

    There are other ways to get women to notice you, ways in which you can interact with them without spooking them, you can use classified sites to place an ad that you're looking for dating a girlfriend, this is one of the best ways to find a date in Bangalore, it's location specific too, you can describe what kind of girlfriend you want, meet up with her in a fun place on a weekend and voila! you will soon have a steady relationship. There are many free classified sites that can help you do that, from olx to Craigslist you can choose from, is also one such free classified portal amongst others that can help you get a right date in Bangalore.
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  • Post Free Ads in India
    Facebook, Google and YouTube, what do all of these prominent, yet completely varied websites have in common other than making millions of dollars every day? They are also advertising platforms, they earn their revenue not through their customers but through advertisements that target towards their customers. They also have another similarity, advertising on their platforms are not cheap by Indian standards. If you are a business trying to get a footing in the net sphere there are ways to get a word out without shelling out much needed currency.

    Free classified is not a new idea, it has been around for decades, Craigslist’s and olxs of the world have created so many businesses out of thin air, even without a single penny invested into marketing. Some of you might not have an idea on how to post free ads in India, one fills out a form with all the relevant details about their business, uses the correct keywords and people who are looking for their services or product are bound to find them, it's a simple enough concept right? Because of the simplicity of the concept, and because of the fact it's completely free of cost billions of free classifieds go up on the internet each year.

    If you the reader are someone looking for ways to promote your business you are on the right track, I will tell you all the benefits of posting a free ad in India, and the best websites to do it on.

    Benefits of posting free ads in India

    1) It's free - As the name suggests you don't need to invest any capital to do it.

    2) It's Non-Technical - it's a very simple process, you don't need to crack C, C++ and Java to post an ad. You will need an average mastery over language, and the ability to click the mouse to post ad after the description is done.

    3) Organic - It works based on Google searches, so your ads don't appear on screens of those who have no intention of ever buying your product, they only show up when searched, so this method has the maximum probability to get converted into a sale.

    4) Where can one post free ads in India?
    This is a very important question, and it's relevant because there are so many platforms out there that posting on a not so prominent platform will get you no traction, the bigwigs in Indian classified space are definitely Olx and Quikr, the classifieds posted on them regularly feature in the first page of Google's search list, and many users directly use those platforms to buy or seek out their desired products. Apart from the usual suspects there are newer and much improved platforms like that is rapidly growing in strength. izydaisy or Daisy is a free classifieds platform that has been launched in 2016 in over 5 countries and since then they are rapidly growing and fighting to uncrown the undisputed masters in the classifieds space.
  • Free Classified Portal
    All individuals has some personal needs, and personal fulfillment is important for all of us. In fact emotions also stipulates whether a persons needs are met or not. And unmet needs can give rise to anger, sadness or confusion!

    Here we are providing you personal services, Come look through our various PERSONALS categories to make bond with your favorite ones. Even if you want friendship, interconnections, close relationship, matrimonials. You will find miscellaneous options on our Free Classified Portal, It comprises of multiple services for the people who never tried the CASUAL DATING, CASUAL ENCOUNTERS, ADULT DATING and this is for both the male or female gender, and for the same sexualities as well. We have endless possibilities to help you connecting with the locals whom you are looking for.


    CASUAL ENCOUNTERS: Heard about it? Its okay if not! Let me share my experience that how and why I went out into this journey and let you know about it. Working for so long makes you busy and stressful and obviously no time for yourself. But however we all have some physical needs in life as it is a part of life. But unluckily I had no time to fulfill my personal needs because of no female friends or of not having time to make relationships. The problem was that it was not easy to find if you are not hanging out in the parties. Suddenly a thought came in my mind that searching something online can help me. And that day I began looking for the females with the similar interests. Started Scrolling and browsing makes that easier because I got an endless options on the Free Classified Portal IZYDAISY.COM, It does not requires any subscription or money. It was free service that tons of people were using. So I decided to give it a try! There was an option of Casual Encounters in India and found so many women looking for hook ups which makes me happier. So I also sent them a message with my picture and a bit about myself , I got instant replies in a positive manner within a days only. I found exactly what I was looking for as there were number of hot looking women posted ads for hook ups only. And I had a great experience with the girl I came in touch with.

    MATRIMONIAL: Searching for bride or a groom? Find your best match here with us on IZYDAISY.COM

    As I was of 33 years old guy belonging to Indian traditional family and was an ambitious person, at the same time guy who love sports, bikes and technology. I do not know the reason, but I usually stay away from the girls. So relationship, love and eventually marriage was not my part.

    But here comes a day when my parents started convincing me for the marriage and the day came when I had to get married for my the sake of my family. And my mom knows me very well, knowing about me that I never had any relationship or any love life. They themselves started searching for a bride. After so much searching through our family friends and relatives. They still could not find any girl as they were expecting. My parents were so tensed just because I was getting aged and they were thinking that about society as well. That day I was sitting with one of my office friend who recently got married and my mother called him for the dinner with his wife. We all were gossiping and suddenly my mother asked them that how you both got married by the way? And her wife answered that we got married through Free Classified Portal IZYDAISY. We all were not aware about that thing and then my friend explained me all about it. That same day I started searching a bride for me on IZYDAISY and found a huge list of girls over there. When I told my mom she got so excited and I showed her a list of pictures and their profiles. From there we chose a girl of my mothers choice and my mom told me to meet her. We exchanged our numbers and planned to meet in a nearby coffee shop. Meanwhile she came and we met, she sat opposite to me we shook hands and she introduced herself. ' first ever touch from girl ' as it was our first meeting but we felt so comfortable. And in the first meet we realised that we are made for each other. We ended up meeting and I dropped her at home. When I told my mother she was so happy and within a week we decided to meet her family and fixed a marriage date. We got married within 12 days, And I am happily married now.

    Search by caste and community of your own choice! The trusted and fastest growing matchmaking site. So many marriages happened and many more continue to happen through IZYDAISY.COM. You will find regional versions like Punjabi, Hindu, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi and more. Here you will find your life partners across the different countries. Helps you to find your perfect match or a person with in similar interests. Come try with us in finding your better half through Indian Best Classified Portal.

    FRIENDSHIP : To meet or make new friends. Life is interesting and better with friends.

    Travel a lot? Have to travel around for work? As me? So had no time to spend with the old friends. And I was always keen to find someone to share an evening with. I would like to roam around with newbies in the new city. I wished to roam and track out the new places. Last month I went to Singapore for some official work where I had to stay for a week but fortunately I got free within five days and I was fully free at weekend, So thought to chit chat with someone new in the new city as well. Just got an idea to search someone online. There I found Free Classified Portal named IZYDAISY.COM used by lots of people across different parts of the world. And I also posted a bit about myself, my needs on PERSONALS category to find a good friend for my companion. It was a great experience, as of I got so many messages and options to make friends over there. That made me happy and excited and I replied her and offered for the dinner. I arranged dinner for a beautiful women. We spent good time together, she was fun loving lady with a friendly nature. I felt so good and comfortable talking to her, there we became good friends but met as a stranger. Also we planned for the weekend party.

    So, I can say if you are new to the city or want to meet someone new just as you want to, without any doubt I recommend you to go search on IZYDAISY.COM. It helps you to meet the right person at anytime, anywhere with no cost.

    RELATIONSHIP : Serious about dating? Want a close relationship? Find someone truly suits you!

    Here I would like to talk about myself. I was studying in college and having a relationship with my batch mate, we had 3 years relationship as we were together from last three years. After finishing our college he decided to move abroad to pursue his masters from Australia. But when he told me that he got visa and he is leaving with in a few days It was so sad moment for me because I had no idea how will I stay alone without him for 2 years. As long distance relationships never ends with togetherness. The same happened with me, he went out of country and got busy in his own world over there. He did not gave me much time as he was busy with his new circle and miscommunication leads to Miss understandings and We broke up badly. It was so hard for me to handle myself crying lonely. My best friend was helping me out to come out of that bad situation and one day we went for the lunch and she told me to look around the world, and said that you have long life to live and enjoy. Let past be the past and live in your present. I also recovered myself. But after the bad experience of a relationship I decided not to enter again. The same time my friend told me to shut up and showed me an interesting India's best dating site named IZYDAISY.COM where I found a long list of guys looking for a serious relationships. That made me shocked and unbelievable. She told me to try it once.

    So I did and started scrolling it. What I saw there were smart, hot looking guys looking for girls with the serious commitments. I also posted my picture with a bit bio and got instant respond from a guy of 24 years old. He was good looking and seemed sincere as well. We exchanged our contacts and talked with each other. He offered me for the dinner date. I said okay and we went for the dinner, I clearly remember how he arranged everything perfectly for our first date. He was the guy who made me see light after a really dark break up. I loved spending time with him and we became more than good friends. We Started meeting daily and with the passing time we fell in love with each other. Our relationship became stronger day by day. And its been so long we are still happily together. And it all happened just because of IZYDAISY.COM

    Thousands of singles found love through them. So if you also looking for the love or companionship , find several Indian Escorts options over there. And There's no need to feel nervous about your age, because singles of all ages can easily find love. Not to get worry about the races, castes, religions, as all are here on IZYDAISY.COM. So whether you are searching for the muslim dating, Hindu dating, gay dating or long lasting love with the commitments. We are here for you to help you to find a relationship as you want.

    MEN SEEKING MEN: Its natural to be same sex attracted. As sexual activity between individuals of same gender is legal. However its all up to you, the man himself can choose his interest in his sexual activities.

    We understand every one has his own interests, so if you are a gentlemen and looking for a smart men around you, come up on IZYDAISY.COM and find your best man over here. Lots of people of similar interests will connect with you, just post a bit about yourself and your requirements. With a single click on our PERSONALS category you will find a huge number of results.

    WOMEN SEEKING WOMEN: young girls or ladies seeking for the same sexuality, can come up here and find your choices over here on IZYDAISY.COM. Whether if you also want to post something about yourself so that you can find a girl of similar interests. We do not cost a single rupee to post an ad to find your interests.

    MEN SEEKING WOMEN: It is all about when you need one night stands, two some or casual sex. And that you can easily find here, so do not get worried if you are looking for the hot, beautiful ladies to make you relaxed. Come up find the beauties around you or post your own choice on IZYDAISY.COM to get an instant replies.

    So here you can search for all the escort services in India for free of cost with the endless options. And post your own ads with your requirements on IZYDAISY.COM. Here is nothing to lose guys. We understand dating is fun, than why to miss the chance when you are getting it freely. Throw your nervousness and let your life bit interesting. visit for more info @
  • Free Classified Ad
    I am 40 years old - have been recently laid off from the company I worked for. For the past 15 years, I was working at a call centre that had a UK contract, the client was a bank that forwards its customer's queries to us. I started off as a lowkey office boy then worked my way to become the manager of the unit. After the recession hit - our client went bankrupt and there was no reason for our company to exist. I suddenly went from being a manager to being unemployed. My wife became our only source of income, the economy being so slugging, it was extremely difficult for me to get a new job.

    Our family of four had to shift to a smaller flat to make ends meet along with our dog a Labrador. Our dog gave birth to four beautiful puppies, but this was a problem, when we made plans for the dog to have children, we didn't expect our financial situation to change so drastically, this small flat hardly had place for 4 of us - with 4 more dogs it would be nearly impossible for us to manage, and to add to that the amount of money that had to go towards taking care of them was not something we could afford back then.

    We decided it would be best if we could just give away the puppies, our children were not happy with the decision, but they were grown enough to understand our predicament. I asked a few of my friends if they wanted a puppy, they all said no, one of them said why don't you sell them? I was surprised, I enquired him about how can I sell them, he told me about the miracle of free classified

    I placed a free classified ad on many of the classified portals in India and frankly speaking I did not expect it to work - was a little sceptical about it, but I soon started getting inquiry calls from so many of the potential buyers who were keen on buying my puppies. I sold the first one for INR 4,000, then I learned the art of bargaining, and I sold other two for INR 6,000, I sold the last and the cutest one for a whopping 10,000 Rupees. So, this way free classified helped me get a footing in my time of need.
  • Best Indian Classified Portal
    Where does one find such ad online sites ?

    If you have been a regular user of the internet you would have definitely come across certain sites like olx, quickr, Craigslist, Best Indian Classified Portal etc. these free classifieds sites are just a few out of the umpteen number of websites are available out there. If you are a house owner in India and you are looking to move, and you don't know what to do with all your furniture, just find a Best Indian Classified Portal site and post a relevant advertisement listing all your details and your target customers who are in search of second hand furniture’s will contact you in no time.

    This is not limited to people trying to sell their products, people who are seeking something of value can also post free classifieds on the internet asking for the same, if you are a pet owner who is searching for certain kind of rare breed to be a companion for your pet then you can just post an ad, the usefulness of such a portal where people frequently visit and search is immense. One time a friend of mine who ran a bakery in a small town decided he had to grow his business, and I introduced him to the world of free advertising, now his cakes actually sell like hot cakes should, with people from many different states and even countries turning into his regular customers.

    There are certain security issues with such dealings, but many of these free classified’s websites make sure your private information is safe, and they only divulge your information if both the parties are reliable and interested. These advertising portals have certainly revolutionised the way we do our business. There are definitely here to stay, so what are you waiting for just make a free classified today.

    So, do you want to post a free classified ad for your brand/service/business , just visit select the city and from the wide range of categories such as Jobs, Real Estate, Vehicles, Personals , Events and many more - start posting your ads for free and take your business to the next level today.