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  • How to Convert Those Instagram Followers Into Customers
    Leading the pack, which includes Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, Instagram now has over 600 million active users engaging with the platform on a monthly basis, and has 10 times more engagement than Facebook. If Instagram is not part of your brand's social package, it needs to be. However, the daunting reality that a lot of brands face when they decide to put their content up on Instagram is how to direct awareness and engagement to their page. So, the real question is: how do you do it? How is it possible to effectively lead potential fans to your page when there are over 600 million of them?! This Social Pro Daily article from AdWeek dives deep into the various ways to achieve this goal, including: understanding demographics, the benefits of paid shoutouts, how to utilize share for share, the importance of creating and implementing a strategy for your content, and Instagram ads.
  • France Is the Next Stop on Facebook’s ‘Fight Fake News’ World Tour
    With the upcoming elections in April and May, Facebook has decided to expand its efforts to France in terms of combatting fake news on their platform. Facebook announced that they are partnering with third-party fact-checkers in order to fight the fake news that can appear on a user's News Feeds. The project has been formally titled CrossCheck and is being backed by Google News Lab. They hope that this will help voters in France block out false media in order to stay well-informed in the months leading up to the elections.
  • Content Marketing Success: Why Answering Questions Sells
    In this episode of The Social Media Marketing podcast series, the Social Media Examiner interviews Marcus Sheridan. Marcus is a keynote speaker, blogger, and podacster himself, who specializes in content marketing. After the market crash in 2008 and almost losing his own business, Marcus began to dive deeper into learning more about content marketing. He developed a new approach to help his business prosper and increase its success. Click the link to listen to Marcus' story and why he believes that answering customer's questions with transparency is the best way to market and sell your product with content.
  • Try These 5 Simple But Useful Tips To Make Better Content
    In the world of business-to-business (B2B) marketing, a common objective held between all marketers is engagement optimization. Even if you think your content is performing well, there is always room for improvement! These 5 tips can really help improve your content strategy and increase engagement from your readers. These include staying aware of what other companies are doing in order to master best practices, but still keep your content genuine to your business, directly targeting your market, adding engaging elements, and more.
  • How to Slam Dunk Social Media Into Marketing Events
    If you're in the event marketing biz, pay close attention. About 45% of event marketers reported that they do not use social media during the actual event themselves, while a majority of marketers do utilize the power of social media before and even after events. Additionally, 85% of consumers say they feel more meaningful connections towards user-generated content. So, why aren't marketers documenting the event in real-time to their audiences? Check out this article from AdWeek to find out why this is a trend we're seeing and tips on how brands can capitalize on the benefits of event marketing.
  • Facebook’s Safety Check Now Includes Community Help Features
    Facebook Safety Check has been able to give friends and family peace of mind when loved ones are involved in a crisis. Now expanding on that platform, Facebook's vice president of social good, Naomi Gleit, announced that Safety Check will now include Community Help Features. This new addition will allow people involved in natural or accidental disasters to find each other, assist one another, and direct message people in their area.
  • How to Improve Your Pinterest Visibility and Engagement
    Pinterest is constantly flooded with new pins every minute, which can make it difficult for your content to stand out and generate attention. However, by utilizing popular keywords, alt text as descriptions for your images, and your most popular board to help drive engagement, your presence on Pinterest will be soaring! Check out this article for a deeper dive into these Pinterest marketing tools.
  • This Fragrance Company Teamed With Social Influencers for This Widely Successful...
    Social media is all about making connections, and with today's market, people are making more meaningful connections with branded campaigns when there's a real face they can relate to. For their new Flowerbomb fragrance, Viktor & Rolf decided to skip the celebrity endorsement and, instead, conducted extensive research to find social influencers who embodied their brand and could help with the design and production of their campaign. These included artists, designers, and other influencers with heavy fan-bases. The campaign was showcased across the different influencers' social media channels and wound up being immensely successful.
  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads
    It can be frustrating when you build out Facebook ads that don't generate the results you were hoping for when it comes to delivering the social report to your client. The key solution to your problem is reaching your target audience, and there are cost-effective ways to reach that audience and increase your results from ads. These tips and tools include: narrowing down your audience so you know who you are specifically talking to, capturing the attention of your narrowed-down target audience, and creating segmentation among your customers in order to determine who will actually end up buying your product.
  • The Complete Guide to Using Images in Social Media
    Visuals are one of the best ways to grasp your followers and keep them interacted with your brand. This article covers everything from making sure you’re following the rules, to where to find the best photos, to how to become a digital designer without any fancy training or software. You’ll have beautiful imagery on all of your social platforms in no time.
  • The New York Times Is Now Offering Free Spotify Premium With Its Digital Subscri...
    Lately, newspapers and other publishers have been a pushing to inform their readers on social media about the dangers of "fake news" by raising awareness of the increased volume of uncredible news sources. In an effort to bring awareness to their readers, The New York Times has decided to team up with Spotify for an incredible digital package. The monthly subscription not only includes the digital edition of the highly acclaimed paper, but readers will also be able to enjoy a subscription to Spotify Premium. The two platforms are hoping that this new partnership will encourage readers to stay committed to credible sources and weave out the "fake news" that is taking over most social media platforms.
  • Social Media Habits to Break: Posting the Same Content on All Platforms
    Although it can be tempting to post the same content on every one of your social platforms, this may not be the best strategy. Every platform has a different audience and tone which makes it critical that content be tailored to each one to engage your followers. Whether you’re needing to personalize content for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, this article will help you do just that with ease.
  • Infographic: How Storytelling Is Helping Brands Sell More Products
    Everybody loves a good story. This is especially true for consumers when engaging with brands and deciding which to do business with. Through multiple experiments this study found that stories not only move people, but also move more product. Read on to see for yourself how incorporating stories into your content may bring your business success.
  • DataSift Connects With LinkedIn As Its Latest Social Marketing Partner
    DataShift, a company dedicated to providing more in-depth insights from data extracted from social networks has paired up with LinkedIn, in order to help with the social network's goal of increasing the amount of advertising on their platform. The two companies are working together to gain more insight into how users are utilizing LinkedIn based on the content that is shared and discussed on public timelines. Read more to learn about the impressive partnership history between this U.K. startup and global social networks.
  • 6 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2017
    Social media trends are always evolving and surprising us, and 2017 will make no exception. With new trends this year like Facebook and Instagram lenses, customer service chatbots, and improved paid content features, you will have endless opportunities to revamp your social.